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Where Do You Get Started In Writing Articles or Books?

I was asking myself what can I write about? I ask this same question about seventeen years ago as I separated from the military. I knew I had a story to tell, but did not know how to express myself on paper. Maybe you are feeling this same emotion and desire clarity on the subject of writing effectively.

This will be short and sweet. I have learned that if you can hold a conversation, you can write. You may think that it takes many hours of editing and critique, but no matter how you look at it, you have a tone of voice that will speak to someone. There is always someone out there with the same issues that you are experiencing. Your voice is meant to be heard on some level in the marketplaces of society. The number one thing that must be overcome is the fear of failure or your fear of being seen as a failure.

The only way to cure this fear is to do it afraid. Write, even if you do not feel like it. Do you feel like you are called to write on some level? Then, answer the call and start writing at what is in your heart. It may or may not happen overnight, but you will gain the experience needed to keep pushing forward. An expert is only someone with experience, and not necessarily training.

Your life can be a blessing to someone on earth, but you have to allow access in order to know the joy of helping others reach their goals. I challenge you to start writing your dreams, goals and ideas and see what happens. You may write yourself to freedom! I invite you to release yourself to be yourself! Go after your dreams!

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